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Dragon silver chain

Dragon silver chain
Dragon silver chain
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Dragon silver chain
Dragon silver chain
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Dragon silver chain


7 C

Dragon silver chain

This is a dog tag featuring a serpent like dragon which hangs from a small ring for that dramatic look. This necklace means "To Protect and Serve" the Order of this necklace depicts a dragon design. The dragon or the snake god in charge of guarding the walls of heaven and is known for its strength in any of the battle.

This mean necklace set which is strung on an "easy-wear" black leather cord - just throw it over your head and you are good to go - no clasp required for this thing.

This item is only available as a complete set and comes in one length. Price includes both the pendants and the cord.


Sales Package: 1 Dog Tag, 1 Chain

Model: Vintage style Dragon Design Necklace 

Type: Embossed 

Tag Color: Silver

Suitable For: Fashion Accessory

Design: Dragon

Shape: Dragon

Other Features: Bendy & wearable, Gentle Fit

Care Tips:

Store this jewelry without getting it into contact with any harsh chemicals, including oils or spray perfume directly.

Keep the necklace away from having it as some sort of rough use and some sort of anti-tarnish tissue paper for wrapping that might be best protection against some of the blemishing of the jewelry.

Avoid contact of water/liquid with this jewelry.

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